BLM Alaska North Slope Weather Research and Forecast (NS-WRF) Modeling 2021

The BLM contracted to develop an updated 3-dimensional meteorological modeling dataset for the North Slope of Alaska using the Weather Research and Forecast model (WRF). This dataset (NS-WRF) was prepared using three recent years (2017, 2018 and 2019) of observed meteorological data, and constitutes an update to the previous BOEM WRF modeling.

NS-WRF is intended to be used in conjunction with dispersion and/or photochemical grid modeling (PGM) to analyze potential cumulative air resource impacts. This modeling study was reviewed by an interagency workgroup of state and federal agencies. It will support management actions affecting the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A), the North Slope, Prudhoe Bay, and other relevant areas. This modeling will be an integral part of future NEPA and other modeling projects.

The dataset (12 TB) can be made available upon request. To obtain a copy of the data files please refer to the BLM contact information below.

The following reports are provided:

North Slope WRF Modeling Report: this report summarizes the results of the meteorological modeling effort.

BLM Alaska North Slope WRF Modeling Project Plan: This plan served as a guide for performing the contracted WRF modeling services and established responsibilities, schedule, and procedures for the project team.

Alaska North Slope WRF Meteorological Modeling Protocol: The protocol describes the new WRF model. It used the same grid definitions as the initial BOEM dataset, but WRF options and input datasets were determined via testing and optimization. It includes comments from the interagency review team and the contractors response.

BLM Alaska WRF Sensitivity Tests Presentation: This document contains a presentation of the modeling sensitivity tests and results. It includes comments from the interagency review team and the contractors response.

Additional modeling files:

Dot maps: 216 locations where bias and error are compared to surface station data as part of model performance evaluation.

Heat maps: 88 plots developed as part of the sea surface temperature sensitivity analysis.

Model soccer plots: 119 plots generated as part of the Model Performance Evaluation

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Primary Organization US Bureau of Land Management
Other Organizations Environmental Management and Planning Solutions, Inc; Ramboll; WeatherFlow Inc.
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