Alaska BLM North Slope Regional Air Quality Modeling Study 2020

The Alaska Bureau of Land Management (BLM) State Office contracted photochemical grid modeling (PGM) to produce the Cumulative Alaska North Slope Air Quality Regional Model (NS-RAQM). This effort analyzed potential air pollutant concentrations and air quality related values (AQRVs) and is intended to support management actions affecting the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A), the North Slope, Prudhoe Bay and other oil and gas producing areas. While this modeling was not associated with any single National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) project, it was performed using the NEPA oil and gas modeling methodologies and can be used for future NEPA analyses. Reports summarizing NS-RAQM are provided below.

The BLM NS-RAQM study leveraged a previous Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) large scale PGM study. The BOEM study was intended to assess the cumulative air quality impact of outer continental shelf Arctic oil and gas activity, including oil spill response equipment and associated support equipment not already accounted for through State and Federal air permit requirements. NS-RAQM development and associated reports were reviewed by an interagency panel of state and federal agencies and those reviews are also provided.

The datasets used in the modeling are too large to post. To obtain a copy of the data files please refer to the BLM contact information below.

The following documents are provided below:

NS-RAQM Air Resource Assessment Final Report: Final report for NS-RAQM project.

NS-RAQM Air Resources Technical Support Document: This report includes the full assessment including a final chapter on recommendation for future study.

BOEM Study Review Protocol: This study review was intended to assess the appropriateness of the BOEM study for use by BLM. This review was based on existing modeling documentation and electronic modeling products for the BOEM Arctic Air Quality Study supplied by BOEM.

BOEM Meteorological Modeling Review: This review examined the modeling files delivered by BOEM and its contactors to BLM, including the WRF outputs (2009-2013) and the Meteorological Statistical Program (METSTAT) format observation files.

BOEM Emissions Modeling Review: This review examined the emission files delivered by BOEM and its contactors to BLM, from reports and summaries collected from EPA’s National Emission Inventory (NEI) data, and personal communication with Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) staff.

BOEM Photochemical Modeling Review: This review examined the modeling files delivered by BOEM and its contactors to BLM, including the CAMx Model Run Scripts and the Model Performance Evaluation (MPE) observation files.

Comparison of CAMx simulation performed by BOEM and BLM: BLM contractor executed two confirmation PGM runs, one for the BOEM base case (2012) and one for the BOEM future year (2020), to confirm the BLM NS-RAQM team’s ability to replicate BOEM’s results.

NS-RAQM Future Emissions Modeling Report: This report includes updated future year oil and gas emissions inventory and sea salt emission.

Stakeholder Comment and Response to Draft BOEM Study Review Protocol.

Stakeholder Comment and Response to Draft Air Resource Assessment Report.

Stakeholder Comment and Response to Draft Future Year Emissions Modeling Report.

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