NSSI North Slope Infrastructure (V12): Roads, Pipelines and Developed Areas - Update 09/08/2022

This North Slope infrastructure GIS dataset includes roads (line), pipelines (line) and developed areas (polygon) as separate feature classes. Downloads are in shapefile and geodatabase format.

Major, maintained road features on the North Slope are provided. Minor connections or roads within developed areas may not be represented or are generalized. Above surface pipeline features are provided. Multiple adjacent pipelines may be represented as one pipeline, features along routes may be simplified and pipelines within developed areas omitted. Developed area features include gravel pads, material pits, constructed water features and village areas.

Road locations within villages have been updated using Alaska Department of Transportation GIS data. Road and developed area feature attributes have been assigned oil and gas unit designations using Alaska Division of Oil and Gas GIS data. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) was not digitized and is available via the link below.

Infrastructure data was originally compiled by Audubon in 2014 and provided to the BLM Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) project for the North Slope region. The data were updated by the Alaska Center for Conservation Science (ACCS) during the REA process and released for public distribution on the BLM REA website. The North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) has updated the REA product using available high resolution orthoimagery as a reference base during manual digitizing. With this update, geolocation accuracy is improved and more consistent throughout the study area.

These datasets were derived from many data sources, using a variety compilation methods. Thematic and positional accuracy of these data will vary throughout the dataset. Appropriate use of these data is the responsibility of the user.

A link to a web map containing this infrastructure data as well as land ownership and administrative information is provided below.

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Primary Contact Jess Grunblatt (jegrunblatt@alaska.edu)
Primary Organization North Slope Science Initiative
Other Organizations Alaska Center for Conservation Science (ACCS)
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Created March 28, 2018, 05:49 (AKDT)
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