Summary of the 2015 Subsistence Whaling Season at Cross Island

This report for Hilcorp Alaska LLC presents information for the 2015 Cross Island subsistence bowhead whale hunt, and continues the work funded by the Minerals Management Service/Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (MMS/BOEM) for 2000-2012 and BPXA for 2005-2014. The main sources of data in 2015 were, as for previous years, GPS tracks and waypoints for the Cross Island whaling trips, conversations with the whalers about those trips and the season in general, and the Deadhorse Communications Center log. Reports to MMS/BOEM and BP for prior seasons, and the final report for the BOEM, provide details on methodology and annual variability in the conduct of the hunt. Whaler interviews and data analysis for 2015 focused on whalers’ encounters or concerns with non-whaling vessels, their observations of the offshore distribution of whales, whale feeding behavior, and “skittish” behavior.

On 18 Nov. 2014, Hilcorp Alaska, LLC assumed 50% ownership and 100% operatorship of the Milne Point Unit, and 100% ownership and 100% operatorship of Northstar Island and Endicott Island (including the main production Island and the satellite drilling island) from BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. As part of this transfer of assets, Hilcorp Alaska, LLC assumed responsibility for several ecological monitoring projects associated with the transferred North Slope assets. See Hilcorp collection in search for access to other Hilcorp reports.

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