Avian Studies for the Alpine Oilfield, 2022 (1998-2023)

The Alpine Development Project is the first North Slope oilfield development to occur west of the Kuparuk Oilfield and the first on the Colville Delta. ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. and its partner Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (Anadarko) were granted permits for construction of the Alpine Development Project on the central portion of the Colville Delta in 1998.

These surveys were originally designed to collect data on the distribution, abundance, and habitat use of 5 focal taxa in support of permit applications: Spectacled Eider (Qavaasuk), King Eider (Qiŋalik), Greater White-fronted Goose (Niġliq), Tundra Swan (Qugruk), and Yellow-billed Loon (Tuullik). Systematic and incidental observations of Glaucous Gulls (Nauyavasrugruk) and incidental observations of Pacific Loons (Malġi) and Red-throated Loons (Qaqsrauq) during Yellow-billed Loon surveys were also recorded.

The Alpine avian monitoring study was designed to identify potential effects of noise and disturbance from aircraft on all birds (including shorebirds and passerines) during the nesting season and on large waterbirds during the brood-rearing season, when disturbance likely would have the greatest impacts on productivity. Disturbance, in the forms of aircraft,vehicles, pedestrians, noise, predators, and other birds, was monitored and related to bird and nest abundance, distribution, habitat use, nesting success, and nesting behavior.

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Other Contacts CPAI Environmental Studies Coordinator (Email: n1798@conocophillips.com)
Primary Organization ABR, Inc.
Funding Organizations Anadarko Petroleum Coorporation, ConocoPhillips
Other Organizations ConocoPhillips, Anadarko Petroleum Coorporation
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Start Date 1998-01-01
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