Hanna Shoal Ecosystem Study (AK-11-03)

This study will constitute a key component of Chukchi Sea environmental studies pertinent to Chukchi Sea Lease Sale 193 held in 2008. The highest oil industry interest is in the Burger prospect bordering Hanna Shoal to the south. This project will continue COMIDA CAB benthic sampling, food web analysis, and contaminant measurements, focusing on the Hanna Shoal region.

Water column primary and secondary production and biomass also will be measured. Cruise zooplankton data will be supplemented by data from moored zooplankton-sensing acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP) units capable of distinguishing copepod and euphausid biomass signatures. Appropriate moored and shipboard measurements of currents, sea ice drift, and hydrography (including geochemistry) will examine circulation and density fields.

Moorings will be used for long term profiling of temperature and salinity, including under ice measurements in winter. Additional oceanographic data may be obtained from other projects such as the proposed extension of the Chukchi oceanographic study, these data include: HF radar, moored ADCPs, meteorological buoys, and gliders. Formal integration with other BOEMRE projects will be made through the planned “Marine Mammal/Physical Oceanography Synthesis” to provide upper trophic components to the study. Coordination will occur with other international, NSF, NOAA, ADEC, and industry research in the Chukchi Sea.

This study will use numerical ocean process model simulations for the Chukchi Sea, with focus on Hanna Shoal, to better understand the physical processes controlling circulation patterns in the region. Analyses will be performed on the model results to examine interactions of the flow field and density structure with the topography and their relation to productivity and biomass distribution. An ecosystem model also may be incorporated into the simulations.

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ISO Topics biota, oceans
Primary Contact Heather Crowley (heather.crowley@boem.gov)
Primary Organization US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Funding Organizations US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Other Organizations University of Texas Austin
Organization Types Academic, Federal
Status Ongoing
Start Date 2011-09-20
End Date 2016-09-30
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