Search by Keyword

Records can be searched using keywords or text strings. The Enter keyword search tool searches all text associated with each record and returns results sorted by relevance. The Enter keyword search tool utilizes boolean operators to refine searches containing multiple words:

1) OR is the default search operator when multiple text words are entered in a search. The filter will assume OR in the search. Example: Searching for caribou population will return records that contain the word caribou as well as records that contain the word population.

2) A plus (+) can be used to result in a search that requires the occurance of the word immedeately after the + in each record. Example: +caribou +population will require that both the words caribou and population occur in the record. Note: no space after the +

3) When multiple text words are entered between quotes, the search will require that the words between the quotes be present in the record as they are entered between the quotes. Example: "caribou population" text string will result in a search for occurrences of the exact phrase: caribou population in a record. Use of single quotes (') around the search string will produce similar results as the double quotes (").

4) A minus (-) can be used to remove (NOT) records with a particular text string. Example: caribou -population will return all records where caribou occurs as text but will remove records where the text population occurs. Note: no space after -

5) Word proximity searches can be used to find words that occur within a certain distance (number of words) of each other. For example, this search returns all catalog records where the words “caribou” and “herd” occur within five words from each other: caribou herd ~5

6) Wildcard or stemming can be done using the * symbol for root words. For example: hydro* returns all catalog records containing the root hydro with any number of suffixes including “hydro,” “hydrologic,” “hydrologically,” “hydrography,” “hydrology”, and so on.

7) Where the wildcard is used as a prefix such as: *nana the search returns all catalog records containing prefixes to root “nana” including “Tanana,” “Nenana”, and so on.

Search by Filter

Records can be searched using filters that are applied to all records as a default search. Filters are found below the keyword search and they include: Collections, Record Type, Iso Topic, Primary Organization, Funding Organization, Primary Contact, Other Contact, Status, Data Type, Region, Dates and Tags. Filters are applied by clicking the check box next to the filter value in each category. Results can be ordered alphabetically or according to the number of ocrrences using the sort buttons that are located to the right of the filter category.