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Arctic Bluff Retreat and Inundation of an Ecologically Sensitive Barrier Island System due to a Changing Global Climate

US Geological Survey (USGS) - As part of a larger National Shoreline Assessment Project, the USGS is currently collecting and analyzing regional data to describe coastal erosion trends along Alaska's North Slope. A focused study is being conducted along the shoreline of the Chukchi Sea in the vicinity of Wainwright, Alaska. The work aims to assess the potential for changing bluff erosion rates and inundation of barrier...
2018-08-09 15:10:05 -0800
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Porcupine Caribou Herd

Porcupine%20caribou%20herd Circumarctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network (CARMA) - A video shows movements of 98 satellite collared adult females between 1985 and 2010. Publications: Russell, D. E., A. M. Martell, and W.A.C. Nixon. 1993. The range ecology of the Porcupine Caribou Herd in Canada. Rangifer Special Issue No. 8, 168 pp. Griffith, B., D. C. Douglas, N. E. Walsh, D. D. Young, T. R. McCabe, D. E. Russell, R. G. White, R. D. Cameron, and K. R. Whitten. 2002....
2018-08-09 15:10:27 -0800
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Assessment of Pacific Salmon Resources in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Northern Area

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) - Document species presence, estimate abundance of adult salmon where possible, evaluate juvenile salmon as an indicator of sustaining populations. Identify index streams for continued monitoring of distribution and abundance. Collaborators include: Pt. Hope, Pt. Lay, and Wainwright City and IRA councils. Barrow's NSB Department of Planning and Wildlife Management
2018-08-09 15:10:31 -0800
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Alaska DNR Division of Geological &Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) - During the 2009 field season, the program continued to focus on detailed geologic mapping in the east-central North Slope, extending our observations from the adjacent 2008 STATEMAP area. We also expanded our stratigraphic studies of key reservoir and source-rock intervals, providing new constraints on the depositional history and correlation of geologic units, and leading to an improved...
2018-08-09 15:10:32 -0800
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Rates, causes and timing of calf mortality in the Teshekpuk Caribou Herd

US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Assess baseline levels of calf survival in relation to calving distribution prior to development.
2018-08-09 15:02:57 -0800
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Movements, hydrology, and diet of Arctic grayling in Crea Creek, a tributary of the Ublutuoch River

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Describe small scale movements of Arctic grayling and the hydrologic factors, affecting habitats, and feeding behaviors of these fish to better understand the influence that movement and hydrology have on Arctic grayling diet.
2018-08-09 15:07:34 -0800
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Permafrost temperature profiles

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Permafrost borehole temperatures were measured in 1985, 1998, and 2004 on Barter Island near the village of Kaktovik and in 1985 and 1998 in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Arctic NWR) north of the Brooks Range. These measurements indicate that the century-long warming documented for the central and western Arctic has also occurred in the region near Barter Island and in the northern...
2018-08-09 15:07:38 -0800
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Teshekpuk Lake Observatory

US Geological Survey (USGS) - Through a collaborative effort between the U.S. Geological Survey—Alaska Science Center, the BLM Arctic Field Office, the National Science Foundation, and a number of other partners we have established the Teshekpuk Lake Observatory (TLO). Variables Monitored: Meteorological data, permafrost temperature, water temperature, water level, ice-on/ice-off, snow-on/snow-off, water chemistry,...
2016-08-16 16:18:45 -0800
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Using Satellite Remote-Sensing in Landscape-Scale Wildlife and Ecological Process Studies in Terrestrial and Marine Areas of northern North America

US Geological Survey (USGS) - This project serves as a focal point of capability and expertise for integrating remote sensing, satellite telemetry and GIS. Working collaboratively with other principal investigators, this project applies satellite and software technologies to study spatial and temporal interactions between wildlife populations and their environment. There are three primary objectives: 1) develop optimal...
2018-08-09 15:08:16 -0800
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Circum Arctic Lakes Observation Network (CALON): Permafrost Boreholes

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) - Shallow permafrost temperatures in boreholes up to 3m depth at each of the 5 sites. Publications: Arp, C. D., B. M. Jones, F. E. Urban, and G. Grosse. 2011. Hydrogeomorphic processes of thermokarst lakes with grounded-ice and floating-ice regimes on the Arctic coastal plain, Alaska. Hydrological Processes. 25:2422-2438. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.8019. Whitman, M. S., C. D. Arp, B. M. Jones, W....
2018-08-09 15:08:23 -0800
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Polar Bear Non-invasive DNA Polar Bear Hair Snare

North Slope Borough (NSB) - Document polar bear occupancy and movements along NE Chukchi Sea coastline. Assess methods for population monitoring. Collect polar bear DNA using minimally invasive methods. This project will use hair snares setup around bowhead whale carcasses including beach cast and “bonepiles” created from harvested animals to look at the importance of bowhead carcass use by polar bears (Ursus...
2018-08-09 15:08:25 -0800
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Glaucous Gull Movements and Feeding

North Slope Borough (NSB) - Prior to this study, there was relatively little information about diets of Glaucous Gulls on the North Slope. Many have suggested that with increasing human activities on the North Slope, especially with regards to oil and gas exploration and development, gull populations have expanded. This expansion could be due to the increased availability of food for gulls from landfills and dumpsters...
2018-08-09 15:08:41 -0800
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Promoting Sustainable Oil and Gas Development on Alaska's North Slope through Local-Scale Integration of Geophysical and Traditional Knowledge

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) - Increased oil and gas activities in Alaska’s Beaufort and Chukchi Seas may serve as a catalyst to more thoroughly investigate the research methodologies and institutional practices that incorporate local and traditional knowledge (LTK), thus promoting a sustainable future for North Slope communities, the coastal ecosystem, and the oil and gas industry itself. Most climate models and sea-ice...
2018-08-09 15:08:54 -0800
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Forest and Shrub Cover Monitoring for Arctic and Subarctic Alaska

US Geological Survey (USGS) - This project aims to develop techniques for mapping and monitoring forest cover in Interior Alaska and shrub cover in Arctic Alaska. The project will attempt to determine which sensor or combination of sensors is best suited for this task and proceed to produce baseline inventories of forest and shrub cover as well as identify areas of significant change since the year 2000.Forest cover percent...
2018-08-09 15:08:55 -0800
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Comparison of techniques to detect denning polar bears.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) - Investigating accuracy, precision, and feasibility of using airborne and handheld FLIR and trained scent dogs to locate denning polar bears.
2018-08-09 15:08:58 -0800
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Arctic Coastal Plain Waterbird Survey

US Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - The Arctic Coastal Plain breeding population survey will be conducted on approximately June 6-16, 2018. The USFWS initiated this survey in 1986 to supplement an annual aerial survey of waterfowl that has been conducted throughout North America since the 1950s. The primary objectives of the survey are to provide information about population trends and geographic distribution for waterfowl and...
2018-08-09 15:09:02 -0800
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Nesting success and nest predators of tundra-nesting birds in the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield

BP Exploration Alaska Inc. (BPXA) - Long-term study examining nesting biology of tundra-nesting birds on 12 10-ha study plots in the WOA, EOA, and Endicott fields. Publications: Liebezeit, J. R., S. J. Kendall, S. Brown, C. B. Johnson, P. Martin, T. L. McDonald, D. C. Payer, C. L. Rea, B. Streever, A. M. Wildman, and S. Zack. 2009. Influence of human development and predators on nest survival of tundra birds, Arctic Coastal...
2018-10-19 18:07:21 -0800
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Western Arctic Caribou Herd Monitoring

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) - Annual Monitoring, calving success, calf survival, animal condition. Abundance monitoring every year or 2rd year.
2018-10-19 18:13:04 -0800
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Breeding Ecology of Shorebirds at Barrow

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - 2012 will be the ninth year of a long-term study to determine factors limiting population size of shorebirds. The Barrow camp is one of 10 camps belonging to the Arctic Shorebird Demographics Network (ASDN) -- all focused on collecting data on shorebird demography and environmental variables. Other camps in Alaska include Nome, Cape Krusenstern (also run by USFWS), Ikpikpuk River,...
2018-10-19 19:02:07 -0800
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Teshekpuk Caribou Herd Movement Study

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) - Satellite tracking of Collared Caribou.
2018-10-19 18:12:45 -0800
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