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Mitochondrial DNA-based identification of eggs, larvae and dietary components of commercially and ecologically important fish species and selected invertebrates in the northeast Pacific Ocean.

North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) - Accurate identification of various life history stages and prey items of marine fishes and invertebrates is central for understanding the distribution, abundance, trophic ecology, and biodiversity of these species. Taxonomic approaches have been successfully applied to ichthyoplankton identification and diet component analysis efforts for many years. Identification to the species level requires...
2018-08-09 15:07:59 -0800
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National Marine Mammal Tissue Bank

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Tissue is collected from marine mammals, such as polar bears, whales, seals and walruses that are accidentally taken by industry, hunted for subsistence or have died stranded.
2018-10-19 19:28:14 -0800
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Development of New Methodologies for Use in Ecological Studies of Pacific Salmon and Other Fish Species Important to the Department of the Interior

US Geological Survey (USGS) - Specific objectives are 1) Archival tags: continue studies to test the archival tag techniques; 2) Otoliths: refinement and validation of the use of strontium to calcium ratios to determine the chronology of migration between freshwater and marine habitats, application of microchemistry to describe migration in salmonids, and application of otolith ageing and microstructure to studies of fish...
2018-08-09 15:07:42 -0800
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Stock Structure Study of Bowhead Whales

North Slope Borough (NSB) - Conduct various studies to document stock structure and population size/trend of BCB bowheads. Studies include genetics, TEK, stable isotope of baleen, etc.
2018-08-09 15:08:25 -0800
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Arctic Cod Pilot Genetics and Toxicity Study (AK-11a)

US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) - A greater understanding of the keystone species Arctic cod is necessary to fully assess the potential effects of offshore development in arctic waters.Conduct mitochondrial DNA profiles of Chukchi and Beaufort Sea Arctic cod samples presently held by John Nelson at the BC Canada DFO lab. Provide protocols and sampling supplies for field collection of central Beaufort Sea Arctic cod genetic...
2018-08-09 15:10:05 -0800
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Diagnostic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for Gulf of Alaskan rockfishes

North Pacific Research Board (NPRB) - Rockfishes are economically and ecologically important Alaskan species, but the movements, behaviors, and causes of mortality of the larval stages are mostly a mystery; many species remain undetected until they are caught in fisheries and surveys focus on adults. Early life history studies of rockfishes are complicated by our inability to identify many species of larvae and juveniles from their...
2018-08-09 15:06:29 -0800
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Ice seal stock structure

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Analyzing previously collected tissue samples to address questions of possible subdivisions in ice seal populations
2018-08-09 15:03:29 -0800
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Subsistence Harvest and Biomonitoring of Ice Seals

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) - Monitoring status of ice seal populations by collecting samples from the subsistence harvest in selected villages, including Point Hope and Barrow on the North Slope. Analyses include diet, productivity, contaminants, genetics. Use of samples from the subsistence harvest to evaluate health and status of 4 spp of ice seals. Other collaborators include: Ice Seal Committee, Native village...
2018-10-29 16:52:06 -0800
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Using Genetic Markers to Determine Population Status and Management Strategies of Migratory Birds, Terrestrial and Marine Mammals, and Plants

US Geological Survey (USGS) - Identifying genetic markers for various species in order to develop conservation strategies. Alaska provides critical breeding, molting and wintering habitat for migratory and resident birds, hosts numerous resident and migratory or nomadic populations of terrestrial and marine mammals, and provides habitat for several resident amphibian species. Populations of nomadic and resident mammals,...
2018-08-09 15:08:18 -0800
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Population Dynamics and Ecology of Alaska Large Mammals

US Geological Survey (USGS) - The objective of this research program is to provide timely and relevant information to address wildlife management issues in Alaska and northern North America, including topics such as population dynamics, predator/prey relationships, effects of harvest, habitat relationships, and monitoring methods for large carnivores and ungulates. Because large ungulates and carnivores are long-lived and...
2018-08-09 15:06:12 -0800
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Genetics Research for Characterizing Pacific Salmonid Populations

US Geological Survey (USGS) - The objectives are to examine 1) genetics of Alaska steelhead and rainbow trout, 2) genetic associations and population structure in rainbow trout and steelhead in California, 3) genetic population structure for sockeye salmon in Alaska, 4) genetic population structure of Pacific halibut, 5) genetic population structure of arctic cisco, 6) patterns of natural genetic introgression between...
2018-08-09 15:03:02 -0800
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