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Producing Light Oil from a Frozen Reservoir: Reservoir and Fluid Characterization of Umiat Field, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska (DE-FC26-08NT0005641)

US Department of Energy (DOE) - The objective of this project is to develop a robust geologic and engineering model for evaluating production methods for the Umiat field to provide important information on production methods for this and similar frozen reservoirs in northern Alaska and other arctic regions. The Umiat oil field contains light oil in a shallow, frozen reservoir in the Brooks Range foothills of northern...
2018-08-09 15:10:06 -0800
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Coastal Impact Assistance Program: North Slope Borough

North Slope Borough (NSB) - CIAP funded projects include: Restoration and Rehabilitation of Coastal Areas Through the Installation of Hardened Trail Assessment of the Biotic and Abiotic Factors Influencing the Ikpikpuk River Delta, which is Needed for Predicting Changes and Developing Plans to Conserve and Protect the Delta Assessment of the Health and Biology of Arctic Marine Mammals for the Development...
2018-08-09 15:10:07 -0800
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Characterizing the on-shore ecology of polar bears of Alaska’s southern Beaufort Sea

US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - This collaborative project increases understanding of polar bear ecology within NPRA areas. BLM is contributing to a USGS project aimed at collecting data on the demography and ecology of southern Beaufort Sea polar bears with an emphasis on: Population dynamics in Alaska; Characterizing onshore ecology; Activity patterns and feeding behavior of polar bears in the Chukchi and southern...
2018-08-09 15:10:28 -0800
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Ortho Imagery: Alaska Mapped and the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI)

UAF Geographic Information Network of Alaska (UAF GINA) - Statewide ortho imagery is being created using pan sharpened SPOT5 imagery. The orthoimagery produced has a 2.5m pixel and a horizontal location accuracy of at least NMAS CE90 12.2m. Products are produced in simulated true color, color infrared and grayscale. Access to statewide orthoimagery and elevation data are now available through the State of Alaska Division of Geologic and...
2018-08-09 15:10:28 -0800
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Tundra Travel Model in the Arctic Foothills and Coastal Plain; Polar Security Studies UAF

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) - The University of Alaska Fairbanks Polar Security Program just assumed long term monitoring from the Alaska state Department of Natural Resources for the Tundra Travel Model in the Arctic Foothills and Coastal Plain. This project represents the first and only controlled, standardized field experiment (within the tradition of Karl Popper) for the impact of overland seismic exploration vehicles...
2018-08-09 15:07:39 -0800
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Black Guillemots on Cooper Island

Audubon Alaska (AUDUBON) - Divoky had conducted observational research on Cooper Island every summer for almost four decades. He focused on Black Guillemots, but also observed other seabirds and polar bears. Cooper Island is the largest Black Guillemot colony in Alaska, and the most northerly breeding site for Horned Puffins. The Arctic Tern colony on the island was, until recently, the largest on the northern coast...
2018-08-09 15:08:17 -0800
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Breeding ecology of Steller’s and spectacled eiders nesting near Barrow, Alaska

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - This study focuses on distribution and relative abundance of STEI and SPEI and avian predators in the Barrow area. Also focuses on nest success, productivity, habitat use, nesting chronology, and annual variation in breeding effort of STEI and avian predators. Estimating distribution, abundance, and demographic parameters (mainly nest and brood survival) of eiders in the Barrow area...
2018-08-09 15:08:17 -0800
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Colonial Goose Monitoring in Greater Prudhoe Bay

BP Exploration Alaska Inc. (BPXA) - Two species of colonially nesting geese breed in the oil fields operated by BP on the North Slope: Black Brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) and Lesser Snow Geese (Chen caerulescens caerulescens). Since the mid-1980s, various monitoring programs have focused on both species. Long term observations for number of nests from Sagavanirktok River Delta, Niakuk Island, Surfcote, and Milne Point...
2018-08-09 15:08:17 -0800
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Colville River Raptor Survey

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Monitoring program tracks population trends of 3 species of raptors using the Colville River Special Area for nesting. This study will assess the productivity of raptor populations nesting along the Colville River and provide current nesting locations. Surveys of occupancy and productivity of raptor populations are conducted every 3 years. Publications: Bureau of Land Management (BLM)....
2018-08-09 15:08:23 -0800
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Migration Ecology of Arctic Geese

US Geological Survey (USGS) - Five of the six species of North American geese nest and migrate through Alaska, providing an important stopover area that geese use during migration to feed and increase endogenous reserves either in preparation for autumn migration or (in spring) to prepare for nesting. Temporal and spatial distribution of forage resources may affect goose use and dispersion on stopover areas. An...
2018-08-09 15:08:31 -0800
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Porcupine Caribou Herd Satellite Collar Project

Satellite%20caribou%20project Environment Yukon (EY) - This is a cooperative project, between a number of wildlife agencies and Boards, that uses satellite radio collars to document seasonal range use and migration patterns of the Porcupine Caribou herd in northern Yukon, Alaska and NWT.
2018-08-09 15:08:35 -0800
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Spectacled Eider Satellite Telemetry

US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Collect location and distribution data on spectacled eiders throughout the year.
2016-02-24 09:33:53 -0900
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Climate change, hydrology, and Arctic grayling in the Kuparuk River

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Multi-discipline project with objectives including describing large and small scale movements of Arctic grayling and hydrologic factors that affect stream discharge to understand the potential for stream drying and its affects on Arctic grayling migration.
2018-08-09 15:08:45 -0800
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Kuk and Kugrua River Fish Survey

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) - Baseline fish population and aquatic productivity baseline data collection. Funding provided by the Coastal Imapct Assistance Program.
2018-08-09 15:08:53 -0800
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Impact analysis of ice road construction and other off-road travel projects.

Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) - On-going analysis of impacts of off-road travel projects. Have compared impacts of different construction methods, and found that some methods have allowed early construction while minimizing impacts to tundra vegetation. The project results have been generated, providing new insight into the workings of the tundra related to vehicle disturbance resistance. Appendices at website: A....
2018-08-09 15:08:55 -0800
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Community-Based Conservation In Kaktovik

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Develop a baseline of bear-human interaction data,and assist Kaktovik to develop a community-based polar bear awareness and bear-human interaction plan. We will continue ground-based monitoring of the numbers of polar bears in the vicinity of Barter Island in the autumn, as well as assisting the community to reduce human-polar bear conflicts and to address polar bear viewing.
2018-08-09 15:09:01 -0800
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Alaska Geochemical Database (AGDB)

US Geological Survey (USGS) - The Alaska Geochemical Database (AGDB) was created and designed to compile and integrate geochemical data from Alaska in order to facilitate geologic mapping, petrologic studies, mineral resource assessments, definition of geochemical baseline values and statistics, environmental impact assessments, and studies in medical geology.
2018-08-09 15:06:09 -0800
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Arctic LTER Terrestrial Research

University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) - Monitoring various tundra ecosystems, as well as manipulating different aspects of the ecosystems, such as nutrients and shading, and observing the responses. Existing data for soils, chemistry, lake, bacteria production, discharge, chlorophyll and unfrozen precipitation. Active layer twice per summer since1990 at Toolik and weekly-biweekly at Imnaviat since 2004; CALM grids at Anatuvuk...
2018-10-19 17:53:48 -0800
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Breeding ecology, abundance, distribution, and habitat associations of Smith's Longspurs

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Due to the remoteness of the breeding range, little research has been done on breeding Smith’s Longspurs and little is known about their breeding distribution and demography in Alaska. The Arctic Refuge is likely the only National Wildlife Refuge in the U.S. with breeding populations of this species. Smith’s Longspurs use a geographically small, human-altered region in winter and may be...
2018-10-19 18:00:00 -0800
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Porcupine Caribou Herd photocensus

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) - Estimate population size of the Porcupine Caribou Herd during the post-calving aggregation period on the Refuge coastal plain.
2018-10-19 18:00:53 -0800
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