Catalog Record: Avian Studies for the Alpine Satellite Development Project, 2019
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Avian Studies for the Alpine Satellite Development Project, 2019

The Colville River delta and Northeast Planning Area of the National Petroleum Reserve- Alaska (NE NPR-A) have been focal points of exploration and development for oil and gas since the 1990s. CPAI has supported surveys of avian wildlife in the ASDP area since 1993.

The avian surveys in this report were originally designed to collect data on the distribution, abundance, and habitat use of 5 focal taxa (common names followed by Iñupiaq names) in support of permit applications: Spectacled Eider (Qavaasuk), King Eider (Qiŋalik), Greater White-fronted goose (Niġliq), Tundra Swan (Qugruk), and Yellow-billed Loon (Tuullik). These 5 taxa were selected in consultation with resource agencies and communities because of: 1) threatened or sensitive status; 2) indications of declining populations; 3) restricted breeding range; 4) importance to subsistence hunting; and/or 5) concern by regulatory agencies for development impacts.

This is the 17th annual report.


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