Catalog Record: A Review of Aircraft-Subsistence Harvester Conflict in Arctic Alaska
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A Review of Aircraft-Subsistence Harvester Conflict in Arctic Alaska

The traditional harvest of wild resources carries significant nutritional, economic, and sociocultural values for rural residents in the Arctic, especially for Indigenous subsistence communities. Rural communities in the Alaskan Arctic have expressed concern that aircraft activity from industry, commercial hunting, research, and tourism disrupts their harvest of wildlife, particularly caribou (Rangifer tarandus).The objective of this study was to assess the extent of scientific knowledge on aircraft-harvester interaction in the Arctic through a systematic search of the available literature.Based on the gray literature, we found that harvester frustrations were primarily directed toward low-flying aircraft and non-local operations. However, an absence of quantitative information on the extent of interaction between aircraft activity and harvesters hinders an objective assessment of the conflict. Mitigating conflict will require research focused on this data gap and may begin with better cooperation among rural communities, aircraft users, and decision-makers.

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End Date: 2019/06/01
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Name: Taylor Stinchcomb
Email: tstinchc@purdue.edu
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Name: Todd Brinkman
Email: tjbrinkman@alaska.edu
Name: Stacey Fritz
Title: Anthropologist
Email: sfritz@blm.gov
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University of Alaska Fairbanks

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US Bureau of Land Management

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