Catalog Record: NSSI North Slope Infrastructure (v9): Roads, Pipelines and Developed Areas - Update 04/01/2020
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NSSI North Slope Infrastructure (v9): Roads, Pipelines and Developed Areas - Update 04/01/2020

This North Slope Infrastructure update (04/01/2020) includes roads, pipelines and developed areas as separate GIS feature classes. These GIS data represent surface pipelines (line), maintained road infrastructure (line) and constructed gravel pads, excavations or village areas (polygons) on the North Slope of Alaska. Downloads are in shapefile and geodatabase format.

These data were originally compiled by Audubon in 2014 and provided to the BLM Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) project for the North Slope region. The data were updated by the Alaska Center for Conservation Science (ACCS) during the REA process and released for public distribution on the BLM REA website. The North Slope Science Initiative (NSSI) has subsequently updated the REA product using available high resolution orthoimagery as a reference base during manual editing. Roads within villages have been updated using Alaska Department of Transportation GIS data. Road and developed area features have been assigned oil and gas unit designations using Alaska Division of Oil and Gas GIS data. The Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) is not represented in these data however TAPS spatial data is available separately (see links below). All locations are approximate and accuracy will vary throughout the dataset. Appropriate use of these data is the responsibility of the user.


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    Website :: Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS)


Status: Ongoing
Type: Data
End Date: 2020/04/01
Data Types: GIS
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Name: Jess Grunblatt
Title: Research Professional
Email: jgrunbla@alaska.edu
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North Slope Science Initiative

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Alaska Center for Conservation Science

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