Catalog Record: Onshore Environment: ABR Ecotype, Waterbody and Habitat Mapping ONES study area
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Onshore Environment: ABR Ecotype, Waterbody and Habitat Mapping ONES study area

ABR prepared extensive-scale wildlife habitat, ecotype and waterbody maps for the entire ONES study area. Documentation is available in product metadata and in the report listed below.

Ecotypes: Ecotypes represent areas of the landscape with similar combinations of vegetation and soil characteristics. Each ecotype class is unique in its plant species composition, soil type, and hydrology; in its use by and importance to wildlife; in its use and management by humans; and in its response to both natural and human-related disturbances.

Waterbodies: The waterbody classification for lakes incorporated physiography, lake depth (e.g,, deep versus shallow), and salinity. We further split deep lakes based on the area of shallow margin (littoral) and deep center (pelagic). The three different scales of waterbody and aquatic habitat mapping provide various levels of detail for informing informing alternatives comparison, field study design, essential fish habitat, and fish passage. The power of the extensive waterbody and aquatic habitat mapping lay in the overall coverage and parsimonious classification; the mapping covers the entire study area with a consistent map product for use in broad scale alternatives comparison.

Habitat: ABR mapped extensive-scale habitats based on recoding their extensive ecotype map using the Shell Onshore habitat classification. A one-to-one relationship existed between some wildlife habitats (e.g., Moist Shrub-Tussock Tundra) and extensive ecotypes (e.g., Upland Birch-Willow Tussock Shrub), but other wildlife habitats aggregated multiple extensive ecotypes that have different soil affinities, but which have similar vegetation characteristics and are used similarly by wildlife.

Please provide credit to Matthew J. Macander, Gerald V. Frost, and Aaron F. Wells (ABR, Inc.—Environmental Research & Services) for authorship of the field data and map products.Derivative publications from these data should acknowledge the funding sources as well as the original contractor.

Funding partners have granted approval for early release and/or release to the public domain of these data.


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Status: Complete
Type: Data
End Date: 2015/12/23
Data Types: GIS
Primary Contacts
Name: Matthew J. Macander
Email: mmacander@abrinc.com
Phone: 9074556777
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Name: Gerald V. Frost
Email: jfrost@abrinc.com
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ABR, Inc.

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Shell Exploration and Production Company

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Olgoonik/Fairweather, LCC

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