Catalog Record: NPRA Meteorological Data Assessment and Gap Analysis: Atqasuk (AWOS)
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NPRA Meteorological Data Assessment and Gap Analysis: Atqasuk (AWOS)

The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA) covers a vast area, and weather stations within the inland NPRA are few. It is also not known how climatologically representative current inland stations are with regard to the larger NPRA. While there are currently several weather stations along the northern coast of the NPRA, it is also known that coastal areas are strongly influenced by coastal effects and coastal stations are not representative of the inland NPRA. An assessment of the current data availability is needed to determine if the inland NPRA can be represented climatologically. If current data availability is indeed lacking, an assessment is needed to determine if additional stations are needed within the inland NPRA.

The purpose of this report is threefold. First, to assess the climate data availability within the inland NPRA. Second, to assess specifically what area the Atqasut Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) station represents. Third, to assess whether additional meteorology stations are needed for proper meteorological and climate characterizations of the non-coastal NPRA. This third assessment is referred to as the “gap analysis.”


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