Catalog Record: Estimates of Subsistence Harvest for Villages on the North Slope of Alaska
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Estimates of Subsistence Harvest for Villages on the North Slope of Alaska

The North Slope Borough has made a commitment to develop information about the region’s subsistence harvest and to share some of this information with the public, state and federal government and private industry.

Most recently the North Slope Borough has released the Qaaktugvik (Kaktovik) Subsistence Harvest Report (2007-2012) as part of the NSB Subsistence harvest Documentation Project. The report is available below.

Prior NSB subsistence reports include:

In 1993, the North Slope Borough (NSB) conducted a census to gather population and demographic data as well as subsistence harvest information (for 1992) in the villages of Anaktuvuk Pass, Atqasuk, Barrow, Kaktovik, Nuiqsut, Point Lay, Point Hope, and Wainwright. The report for this study provided below presents the results of the subsistence harvest portion of the survey, including estimates of participation in harvest activities and the total amount harvested of a wide variety of species for each village.

The Subsistence Harvest Documentation Project was initiated in 1994 and the North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management collected information on subsistence activities in the eight villages on Alaska‘s North Slope. A project report was produced for 1994-2003 and includes results which were not previously reported including: (a) the estimated harvest of all resources utilized, (b) seasonal intensity of the harvest, and (c) sharing of harvested resources.

The Subsistence Harvest Documentation Project produced four earlier reports for Anaktuvuk Pass, Atqasuk, Nuiqsut and Kaktovik. The report for initial Kaktovik is provided along with the recent update.


Data and Resources

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    Download :: 1994-2003 Evaluation of NSB Subsistence Harvest Report

    subsistenceharvestforNSvillages.pdf (4.7 MB)

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    Download :: 1992 Evaluation of NSB Subsistence Harvest Report

    Master Report (Fuller-George 99).pdf (607 KB)

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    Download :: 1994-95 Kaktovik Subsistence Harvest Report

    Brower et al Subsistence Harvest Doc Report_Kaktovik_1995.pdf (3.22 MB)

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    Download :: 2007-2012 Kaktovik Subsistence Report

    FINAL Kaktovik Subsistence Harvest Report 2007 to 2012.pdf (2.02 MB)

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    Website :: NSB Subsistence Harvest Website


Status: Ongoing
Start Date: 1994/01/01
Type: Report
End Date: 2012/12/31
Data Types: Report
Primary Contacts
Name: Qaiyaan Harcharek
Email: Qaiyaan.Harcharek@north-slope.org
Other Contacts
Name: Taqulik Hepa
Email: Taqulik.Hepa@north-slope.org
Primary Organizations
North Slope Borough

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US Bureau of Land Management, Stephen R. Braund and Associates

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