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Alaska ShoreZone Coastal Mapping and Imagery, Nearshore Fish Atlas and Alaska Shore Station Database

The ShoreZone mapping system has been in use since the early 1980s and has been applied to more than 40,000 km of shoreline in Washington and British Columbia (Berry et al 2004; Howes 2001). Through partnerships with other agencies and organizations, portions of Alaska have been imaged and mapped. This project is funded by NOAA and a number of other agencies and organizations.

Coastal Mapping and Imagery: Low-tide-oblique aerial imagery sets this system apart from other mapping efforts. You can "fly the coastline" (video), view still photos, and access biophysical data using an interactive ArcIMS web-site. This site will include more of Alaska's coast-line as new data becomes available.

Nearshore Fish Atlas: NOAA Fisheries Auke Bay Laboratories and the Alaska Regional Office designed this web-based Atlas to provide information on the distribution, relative abundance, and habitat use of nearshore fishes in Alaska.

Alaska Shore Station Database: This database is a compilation of hundreds of intertidal sites that were visited and evaluated throughout the coastal waters of Alaska. The Shore Station website was developed to make available data collected since 2002 during low tide surveys. Shore station survey data include observed species and their assemblages, geomorphic features such as sediment substrates and forms, beach length, slope and specific elevation profiles, and station photo documentation


Data and Resources

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    PDF :: ShoreZone factsheet


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    Website :: ShoreZone web portal


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    Website :: Alaska Shore Station Database web page


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    Website :: Shorezone web page


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    Website :: Nearshore Fish Atlas of Alaska web page


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