Catalog Record: 2014 - Permafrost Database Development, Characterization and Mapping for Northern Alaska (Final Ecological Mapping Update)
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2014 - Permafrost Database Development, Characterization and Mapping for Northern Alaska (Final Ecological Mapping Update)

Note:This revision updates the geodatabase and shapefiles associated with the "Landscape Level Ecological Mapping of Northern Alaska (NOAK) and Field Site Photography - 2014 Update" and includes recoding of some attributes and the addition of modeled permafrost data layers.

Permafrost is a unique characteristic of polar regions and high mountains and it is fundamental to geomorphic processes and ecological development in those environments. Despite the critical importance of permafrost to ecosystem responses to climate change, permafrost characteristics of Alaska have been mapped in only generalized regional maps or site-level terrain unit maps for engineering design and assessment. This mapping effort provides an intermediate-level mapping of permafrost throughout Northern Alaska and is intended to improve landscape-level assessments, regional climate impact modeling and prediction. Permafrost has been mapped through correlation with mapping of terrain units, airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys and modeling of soil temperatures from terrain conditions.

GIS data are provided for download in geodatabase and shapefile format and contain the following layers: permafrost extent, thermokarst landforms, maximum settlement potential, massive ice, segregated ice, biome, ecoregion, ecological subsection, ecological section, ecological landscape, soil landscape, physiography, lithology, general geology, average elevation (m), and mean annual air temperature (c). ARCGIS layer files are also included in this download/

Data for 861 permafrost boreholes throughout the North Slope were compiled. All public access data are available for download as an Access database. The data are also provided in a web mapping tool available from the Catalog home page under Additional North Slope Information or see website link below.

The permafrost project final report is provided for download (Final Report-June 8, 2015) below. In addition the final report for the original ecological mapping is also provided as further reference for ecological mapping.


Data and Resources

  • Download

    Download :: Permafrost Database

    NoAK permafrost soils acess database, table and variable listing 2014-12-12.zip (1.13 MB)

  • Download

    Download :: Landscape/Permafrost GIS files (geodatabase, shapefiles, layer files)

    NoAK_LandscapePermafrost_12122014.zip (10.7 MB)

  • Download

    Download :: Permafrost Mapping Final Report (updated June 8, 2015)

    Permafrost Characterization and Mapping for Northern Alaska Final 2015.pdf (3.32 MB)

  • Download

    Download :: Ecological Landscape Mapping Final Report

    N-Alaska Landscape Mapping and Field Site Photography 2013.pdf (6.46 MB)

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    Website :: View permafrost borehole data


Status: Complete
Start Date: 2014/11/07
Type: Data
End Date: 2014/11/07
Data Types: GIS, Report
Primary Contacts
Name: Torre Jorgenson
Email: ecoscience@alaska.net
Other Contacts
Name: Yuri Shur
Email: yshur@alaska.edu
Name: Mikhail Kanevskiy
Name: Jess Grunblatt
Title: Research Professional
Email: jgrunbla@alaska.edu
Primary Organizations
Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Funding Organization
Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Other Organizations
Alaska Ecoscience, UAF Institute of Northern Engineering , North Slope Science Initiative

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