Catalog Record: Changing Arctic Ecosystems: Advancing Genomic and Physiological Paramaters as Sensitive Biomarkers of Change (Polar Bear and Walrus)
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Changing Arctic Ecosystems: Advancing Genomic and Physiological Paramaters as Sensitive Biomarkers of Change (Polar Bear and Walrus)

Through the Changing Arctic Ecosystems (CAE) initiative, USGS strives to (1) understand the potential suite of wildlife population responses to physical changes from climate warming to inform key resource management decisions, and (2) to provide unique insights into how Arctic ecosystems are responding under new stressors. The initiative includes 3 major research themes that span Arctic ice-dominated ecosystems and that are structured to identify and understand the linkages between physical processes, ecosystems and wildlife populations. The initiative also includes a cross-cutting effort to advance use of genomic and physiological parameters as sensitive biomarkers of change. The disciplines of genomic and physiological sciences are both fields of investigation that are rapidly emerging and rely upon advanced technologies. Such scientific approaches will be particularly critical as CAE research arenas are highly complex, requiring strategic definition of key wildlife outcome questions and discussion of the pros and cons of various avenues of investigation prior to study plan development. We see genomic techniques as being immediately helpful in answering 3 types of questions: (1) diets-what they are, how they are changing, and how they link to condition and survival, (2) immune response-as it relates to general stress and response to diseases and contaminants, and (3) evolutionary history- and how this can inform an understanding of adaptation to changing environments and climates in the past and future.


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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2012/01/01
Type: Project
End Date: 2016/12/31
Primary Contacts
Name: Tony DeGange
Email: tdegange@usgs.gov
Other Contacts
Name: Leslie Holland-Bartels
Email: lholland-bartels@usgs.gov
Name: Sandra L. Talbot
Email: stalbot@usgs.gov
Name: Todd Atwood
Email: tatwood@usgs.gov
Phone: (907)7867061
Name: Jay Chadwick
Email: cjay@usgs.gov
Primary Organizations
US Geological Survey

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