Catalog Record: Long-Term Ecological Monitoring in BP’s North Slope Oil Fields (through 2013)
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Long-Term Ecological Monitoring in BP’s North Slope Oil Fields (through 2013)

Hundreds of reports and papers on the birds, fishes, mammals, and vegetation of the North Slope oil fields have been produced in the past few decades. Most of these reports and papers focused on specific research questions related to development projects, and most were written for biologists. This report is different. Rather than addressing a specific topic, it summarizes long-term data on a number of topics in an attempt to identify trends over time, or variability from year to year, that would be missed by more detailed, shorter-duration efforts. Also, this report is written to be accessible to many audiences. It is intended to allow anyone interested in North Slope wildlife and habitat to gain a quick, basic understanding of trends over time.

While most of the chapters in this report are based on studies supported by BP in the BP-operated North Slope oil fields, other sources of information were also used. Some chapters summarize information gathered over many years, while others present information on recently launched efforts. Next to the title of each chapter, the duration of monitoring is highlighted. Chapters offer high-level summaries of often complex projects, but in most cases more detailed information is available. Each chapter ends with a list of additional sources that will provide a deeper understanding of the topic at hand.

Chapters include: Weather/Climate; Plant Communities; Active Layer/Permafrost; Tundra Nesting Birds; Brant/Snow Geese; Tundra Swans; Ravens; Fox Dens; Polar Bear Sightings; Maternal Polar Bear Dens; Nearshore Fish; Underwater Sounds Near Northstar; Whale Calls Near Northstar; Seal Counts at Northstar Island; Wildlife Events 2013


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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2002/01/01
Type: Data
End Date: 2013/12/31
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Name: Bill Streever
Email: bill.streever@bp.com
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Name: Sue Bishop
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BP Exploration Alaska Inc.

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ABR, Inc.

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