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Arctic Coastal Plain Waterbird Survey

The Arctic Coastal Plain breeding population survey will be conducted on approximately June 6-16, 2018. The USFWS initiated this survey in 1986 to supplement an annual aerial survey of waterfowl that has been conducted throughout North America since the 1950s. The primary objectives of the survey are to provide information about population trends and geographic distribution for waterfowl and loons that breed on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska (Fig. 1). Within the survey area, transect spacing ranges from 5 miles apart (in high density wetlands such as the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area), to 30 miles apart (in more sparse wetland areas, such as the foothills of the Brooks Range). A total population index for each species is generated from the number of birds counted along the aerial transects. Surveys will be conducted with a crew of two biologists flying an amphibious Cessna 206 aircrafts. The USFWS shares this information with the North Slope Borough, Alaska Migratory Bird Co-management Council, Pacific Flyway Council, and others who are responsible for establishing hunting regulations, monitoring status of listed spectacled eiders and Steller’s eiders, and reviewing potential impacts from development projects.

This survey was begun in 1986 and has been conducted yearly ever since.

Requirement to consult under Section 7 of the ESA requires current estimate of species population in the NPR-A.


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Status: Ongoing
Start Date: 1986/01/01
Type: Project
Primary Contacts
Name: Julian Fischer
Email: Julian_Fischer@fws.gov
Primary Organizations
US Bureau of Land Management
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Alaska, North Slope

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