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Pelagic Seabird Database for the North Pacific

Much pelagic seabird data remains in individual datasets. While some investigators can analyze their own data sets for specific purposes, the bulk of pelagic seabird data are inaccessible to any one user group. We continue to combine all available data into a standardized database, and we are developing tools and products to map and interpret these data. This provides scientists, resource managers and the public with a powerful tool for seabird study and conservation. Our main objectives are as follows: 1) Compile and document original raw databases (ca. 12 major sources in Alaska). 2) Compile all raw datasets into 4 (or less/more) major dataset types with standardized formats. This archive is updated bi-annually, and provides the source for all data subsets used in subsequent analyses. 3) Develop database programs for accessing and querying the Archive for specific data subsets to be used for specific purposes (e.g., web-based mapping, atlas, etc.). 4) Create at least 3 distinct products from the Archive: a) A hard copy Pelagic Seabird Atlas for Alaska (full color maps, species accounts, review of survey methods, multi-author contributions) b) A CD for distribution containing the Archive, documentation of surveys, methods, software for data filtering, manipulation and export) c) Web-based pelagic data and map server (requiring filtered subset of Archive, web/HTML software, web user interface) 5) Establish a system for long-term maintenance of the Archive, and develop/acquire appropriate software tools for maintaining the database.


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Status: Ongoing
Start Date: 2005/09/30
Type: Project
End Date: 2015/09/29
Data Types: Database, GIS
Primary Contacts
Name: John F. Piatt
Email: jpiatt@usgs.gov
Other Contacts
Name: John F. Piatt
Email: jpiatt@usgs.gov
Primary Organizations
US Geological Survey

Other Organizations
US Fish and Wildlife Service, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, National Park Service

Alaska, North Slope

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