Development of Vital Signs Monitoring Programs for National Park Networks in Alaska

This project supports the development of Vital Signs Monitoring Programs in Alaska National Parks Networks by working with individual networks to write their monitoring plans. Confer as requested with the NPS Alaska Region I&M Coordinator on strategic planning for the I&M program. Serve on the Technical Committees for the 4 monitoring networks in the Alaska Region. Serving on all the committees allows efficient transfer of knowledge about program development as each network starts up (i.e., allows the newer networks to learn from the older networks, and for new approaches from the newer networks to reach the older networks.) Serving on all the committees also helps foster program consistency and efficiency. Because it is difficult to participate fully on 4 committees, participation will be targeted to address specific scientific and technical needs of each network, as they are identified. Work with specific networks on various aspects of monitoring plan development. In FY 2006, these will include: Central Alaska Network - work with the Network Coordinator and Principal Investigators for various protocols to address peer review comments on the Draft Monitoring Plan and draft protocols and produce final documents. Southwest Alaska Network - work with the Network Coordinator and other network staff to finalize the Monitoring Plan. Arctic Network - consult as needed with the Network Coordinator and provide review of conceptual models developed for the Phase I report. Attend scoping workshops. Southeast Alaska Network - consult as needed with the Network Coordinator on pre-planning for scoping and conceptual model development. Facilitate collaboration between the NPS-Alaska Region and the USGS-Alaska Science Center in design and operation of the park monitoring networks.


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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2000/09/30
Type: Project
End Date: 2008/09/29
Primary Contacts
Name: Karen L. Oakley
Primary Organizations
US Geological Survey

Other Organizations
US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service

Alaska, North Slope

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