Evaluation of Sub-Sea Physical Environmental Data for the Baufort OCS and Incorporation in to a Geographic Information (GIS) Database OCS Study MMS 2002-017

This study, published on CD-ROM, presents a comprehensive database that synthesizes spatial and attribute information collected during shallow geological and geophysical surveys of the Federal Outer Continental Shelf in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska. The surveys were conducted on the Beaufort Sea Continental Shelf between Barrow, Alaska in the west and the Canadian border to the east (Figure 1). The Geohazards Database includes raw and interpretated data from the collection of high-resolution seismic data in the Beaufort Sea. The included survey data are from twenty eight (28) site-clearance surveys for proposed exploratory wells, four (4) years of repetitive pipeline-route surveys for the Northstar Development area; two (2) years repetitive pipeline-route surveys for the proposed Liberty Development, and three (3) surveys of the Boulder Patch. In addition, the database includes boring and grab-sample data from the surveys, regional bathymetry, and historical earthquake data. The database provides spatial and attribute information for surface features such as the “Boulder Patch”, strudel scour, ice gouges, and bottom relief (bathymetry); spatial data on subsurface features such as shallow faults, shallow gas, and channels; and spatial data on other features such as shotpoint surveys, shallow borings, and earthquakes.


Status: Complete
Start Date: 2002/01/01
Type: Project
Primary Organizations
US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Alaska, North Slope

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