Catalog Record: Toward a predictive model of Arctic coastal retreat in a warming climate, Beaufort Sea, Alaska
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Toward a predictive model of Arctic coastal retreat in a warming climate, Beaufort Sea, Alaska

The team proposes a three-year project to develop predictive models of coastal erosion and sediment transport along the Alaskan Beaufort Sea coast. This project has three distinct but complementary goals that include monitoring and modeling: 1) to quantify the rates and drivers of shoreline retreat through the past ~50 years using retrospective analyses of remotely sensed imagery, sea surface temperatures, ground temperatures, and meteorological records; 2) to characterize the processes driving coastal change in the Arctic via comprehensive monitoring of wave and thermal energy inputs, substrate properties, and inputs of water and sediment from fluvial systems; 3) to develop both descriptive and predictive models for coastal erosion in Alaska using both simplified physical models of individual processes, and models of suites of interrelated physical processes and hydrodynamics using DELFT3D.


Data and Resources

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2007/08/01
Type: Project
End Date: 2010/08/31
Other Contacts
Name: Irina Overeem
Name: Susan Flora
Email: Susan_Flora@blm.gov
Name: Gary Clow
Email: clow@usgs.gov
Phone: (303)2365509
Name: Robert Anderson
Email: robert.s.anderson@colorado.edu
Name: Cameron Wobus
Other Organizations
Naval Postgraduate School, US Geological Survey, US Bureau of Land Management, University of Colorado

Alaska, North Slope

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