Catalog Record: Nearshore Beaufort Sea Meteorological Monitoring and Data Synthesis Project OCS Study MMS 2007-011
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Nearshore Beaufort Sea Meteorological Monitoring and Data Synthesis Project OCS Study MMS 2007-011

This report summarizes meteorological data collected from five boem, formerly (Minerals Management Service) stations, along with existing data from supplemental stations along the Beaufort Sea coast. Data were collected for the BOEM stations from January 2001 through September 2006 spanning a 100 km stretch of the Beaufort Sea coast centered on Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The BOEM meteorological monitoring stations were located at Milne Point F Pad, Cottle Island, Northstar Island, Endicott Satellite Drilling Island, and Badami. Data from the five BOEM meteorological monitoring stations, along with wind data from 29 third party supplemental monitoring stations dating to 1984 has been compiled in the BOEM Nearshore Beaufort Sea Weather Database, 1984-2006. The database contains nearly 1.7 million hours of meteorological data and spans from Barrow to Hershel Island, Yukon Territory. For this study, eight of the 29 supplemental stations were selected for wind speed and direction comparison and data analysis with the five BOEM stations. Supplemental stations were selected for comparison based on the stations location, operational history, and data quality.


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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2001/01/01
Type: Project
End Date: 2007/01/01
Primary Contacts
Name: Brent Veltkamp
Other Contacts
Name: Brent Veltkamp
Primary Organizations
US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Alaska, North Slope

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